About Us

We build long-lasting relationships based on shared success.

We want to ensure that the relationships we have are unbreakable and are more than just 'client'. We believe we understand them better than any other 3rd party and in-turn act as brand ambassadors, immersing ourselves into their surroundings, the problems they face on a day-to-day basis and the market they are trading within. We are not just a supplier, but a valued part of their company set-up and marketing team. This has been the case for over 10 years, ensuring we achieve long term success for our clients rather than a short term gain.

What we do is We give our clients confidence…..

What we mean by this is that we work with our clients on every project to make sure we get it right. We give our clients confidence when they invest in a project, we will give them all the support we can and deliver, regardless of how big or small the budget may be.
We as a brand, design and marketing consultancy spent the last 10 years helping people build brands. In short, we name brands, position them, give them identities and personalities. Then we help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, put them in touch with each other, write the words, draw the pictures, design things, photograph and illustrate stuff, create online tools to help track progress and research new ideas and probably a whole lot more.

“7 Days Middle East FZ LLC understand our business and are not just a supplier to us but an integral part of our team.”

---- Mike Bamber

“Since taking the decision to give 7 Days Middle East FZ LLC sole responsibility for handling all of our marketing and advertising needs, I have to say that I have been absolutely delighted with the results.”

----- Thai bin Al Zayani

Our Clients