Advertising & Media

We are a creative agency with a specialist focus on technology. And we believe there’s no greater subject to sell – because technology touches everything, everyone, everywhere. We understand technology well enough to look beyond how it works and bring to life what it does. For brands; for businesses, for people. We never lose sight of the bigger picture, and we always find the human angle. 7 Days is a unique Marketing and Advertising agency. It’s taken, skill, vision, insight and planning to bring ‘joint-up’ thinking to brands. Our formula for integrated success has been based on a culture of expertise, consistent knowledge sharing and recruitment of diverse professionals. We have a blend of exceptional talent with clear-headed business tactics.

We have worked with clients for many years and developed relationships that allow us as an agency to obtain and be trusted with sales or performance data. By continually analysing actual response data, we develop a pro-active, knowledge based approach to media selection. This helps us with the media choice but equally benefits in discussions with media owners, not only in terms of price but also regarding positions, size and colour.


The media world continues to evolve with growing digital platforms and new ways to target consumers. At 7 Days , we have combined expert planning strategists with one of the most respected and well known buying teams to create an agency that can not only innovate but ensure all campaigns are bought at incredible value. We understand the necessity to analyse the effectiveness of our media campaigns, ensuring we are delivering the optimum performance as a competitive media agency, but more importantly for our clients businesses.

TV Advertising

When you think of your favourite advert, the chances are it will be a TV commercial. That is because TV gives advertisers the platform to get their brands seen and heard.

TV also gives brands recognition and respectability. However, you no longer need to be a large national brand with big budgets to be able to utilise what TV offers. With a multitude of different channels available, it has never been simpler to target so efficiently and cost effectively. As well as planning and executing cost effective TV campaigns, we take pride in delivering the maximum level of performance for each campaign, whether it be national or regional. We want to ensure that as many people as possible see your ad within your desired target audience.

Press, Radio & Campaigns

We treat everyone individually, ensuring that we do not force clients into wrong decisions or make them meet our contracts. Every client is guaranteed extremely competitive rates based on decisions that are made for the benefit or their business. At 7 Days , we really understand how to make the most out of the opportunities that arise, whether gaining access to last minute TV Sponsorship deals, the most competitive print media rates or radio CPT's that ensure the client gets the best possible chance of a positive return on investment.

It is our business to help grow their business, and we continue to live by that statement to this day. There is a lot of thought and research that goes into the planning process and this attention to detail is continued during and after your campaign. We understand that your campaigns need to be accountable against real business outcomes, not just media objectives, but making every penny accountable. We need to ensure that there is a significant benefit to these campaigns, whether it be on sales return, increased awareness or an uptake on request forms. If not, we will ask why and investigate what can be done better, time and time again!

Outdoor Advertising

This medium continues to engage when consumers are ‘out and about’ and with a bold creative execution, can give any brand great standout. We understand how to get the most from out-of-home advertising; this can be working with retailers on new store openings, using directional signs to drive footfall, or powerful imagery building brand awareness. We continue to work with major contractors across all formats. This ensures that we not only plan your campaign in a cost effective manner, but continue to gain access to some of the most prestigious sites. We recognize that outdoor can become complicated if not planned correctly, giving clients the ability to run options by drive time, distance or specific sites if applicable.