Branding & PR

Creating a compelling brand strategy that delivers value requires rigorous analysis. We can review, evaluate and define your brand to maximise equity and help you plot its future trajectory. Your present defines future destinations. Whether you wish to clarify, refresh or extend a brand, you need a clear understanding of how a brand is understood by consumers, where it fits in the market, and where it needs to be. When you know who your customers are, what they want and how they perceive your brand, you can start to convince them that your brand is innovative, trusted and relevant. Refreshing your brand strategy can revitalise your brand and ensure it is effective for the future.


Everything we do here to look fantastic. We believe that design is about evoking as well as telling a clear story exploiting every single one of the senses. Every creative brief we work on needs to allow us the freedom to explore any opportunity at the outset and not limit our imaginations. This is another reason why we never work on projects where design guidelines are already in place as we’re not good at adhering to rules.


At 7 Days, we believe that marketing is all about knowing who you are talking to, what you want them to think and then working out how you are going to make them think those thoughts. This starts with the brand proposition and ends with a thank you letter from your most loyal consumer inviting you to their wedding because they love your brand so much.


Whether our clients want to build media awareness, establish reputation among peers PR offers a package that works from concept to coverage. As a full service PR agency we have an integrated approach which means that we provide the complete marketing mix with PR Services (Public Relations). Whether you require a product launch campaign or a profile-raising event, online PR, Crisis PR we can set up on teams or handle all. Having a proper plan is core to the success of a PR campaign.


Specialising in content rich optimised web sites Web design is an essential part of a company or organization’s branding. Whether it’s a storefront, or a corporate site, your Internet presence should empower your business. Your virtual storefront must be easy to find, attractive to the eye, effortless to enter and navigate, and provide your clients with rich information and/or user-friendly e-commerce functionality.

Your corporate or organizational site must enhance your brand image by using graphics and language powerfully and succinctly to engage individuals visiting your website. Furthering your online presence with WordPress blogging, Twitter or YouTube? Extend your brand by customising your social network pages! Weird Lime can do this and more to help you fully engage your online clientele.

Mobile Site Development / Application

With a mobile site your providing your views with content on the move. Thanks to smartphones and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook that promote on-the-go interaction with web applications, the amount of people using mobile devices to access the web has grown exponentially. Putting careful consideration into the design of a mobile web site must be a paramount activity that we need to integrate into our work-flows. Designing for the mobile web is not the same as designing for the traditional web, and though as an industry we’re just learning all the time, we are also learn to adapt quickly to these new demand

Online Marketing

…Enhances your entire digital potential! With intensive market analysis, certified campaign workers and our extensive experience we are happy to assist you with your projects. We do the research for you, to find out on which pages and with which topics effective branding within the target group opperates. Which search engines are used and searched for in each country. Which social forums let you get in touch with your target audience, and where your most popular video placements are. Whether it be global branding for the world's largest beverage industry suppliers, the establishment and lead generation for an innovativeand keep our clients up to date on our approach .

Sales: Maximize your return-on-investment

Integrated approach: Extensive presence in all target groups channels

Precision: Feedback-based strategy with minimum wastage

Vision: Sustainable decisions through data-driven market and competition analysis

Transparency: Individually tuned reporting process

Security: Exclusively certified campaign workers

Continuity: Expert support from your contact partner