May 26, 2024

Arab Union for International Exhibitions & Conferences approves 2024 plan

 Arab Union for International Exhibitions & Conferences approves 2024 plan

The Board of Directors of the Arab Union for International Exhibitions Conferences (AUIEC), operating under the Council of Arab Economic Unity of the League of Arab States, has approved its budget and the Union’s action plan for 2024.

The plan, endorsed during the second periodic meeting for 2023 held virtually under the chairmanship of Saif Mohammed Al Midfa, Chairman of the AUIEC and CEO of Expo Centre Sharjah, includes several strategic goals aimed at enhancing the Union’s influence and effectiveness in the exhibition sector.

The 2024 work plan of the AUIEC is ambitious and multi-faceted, primarily focusing on attracting new memberships to expand its network and active participation in Union members’ activities and events, thereby fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the Union.

Recognising the importance of skill development in the exhibition sector, the AUIEC also plans to hold specialised training courses for industry professionals. A significant part of the strategy involves expanding horizons of cooperation and partnership with exhibition organisers at both Arab and international levels. In line with these efforts, organising specialised events that support national economies and promote trade and investment opportunities is also a key objective.

During the meeting, the agenda included the review and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting, highlighting the latest developments in the Union’s work and its achievements during the year 2023. Looking ahead, the Union is set to organise prominent events like the Arab Industries Exhibition in the UAE and Iraq and the Conference of the Exhibition Industry in the Arab World. Moreover, plans are in place to activate the regional offices and committees of the Union and to complete the membership of government agencies. Notably, the membership of the General Organization for International Exhibitions and Markets in Syria was approved.

Saif Mohammed Al Midfa stressed that the exhibitions sector in the Arab world holds a promising future, and the AUIEC is keen to play a major role in shaping this future. By expanding its scope of work and developing innovative strategies and action plans, the Union aims to foster joint economic cooperation and increase trade exchange between Arab countries through the exhibition sector.

Additionally, Al Midfa highlighted the Union’s commitment to enhancing coordination and communication with all economic bodies, institutions, and exhibition centres across the Arab world, thereby solidifying its position as a pivotal player in the region’s economic landscape.

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