May 26, 2024

Dubai Culture opens 3rd Hatta Cultural Nights tomorrow

 Dubai Culture opens 3rd Hatta Cultural Nights tomorrow

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is set to launch the third edition of Hatta Cultural Nights tomorrow evening at Hatta Heritage Village with a rich agenda of cultural, artistic, and entertainment activities. The event aims to strengthen the public’s connection to the Emirati heritage, explore its wonders, and delve into the historical, natural, and cultural details of the Hatta region to enhance its position on the local tourism map.

For 10 days, visitors to Hatta Cultural Nights will enjoy poetic evenings featuring local Hatta poets, a variety of competitions, musical performances, and live shows inspired by the UAE’s heritage. These cultural festivities provide the audience with an opportunity to explore the customs and traditions unique to the Hatta area. The cultural event will also host a series of interactive workshops focusing on Arabic calligraphy and traditional handicrafts.

Dubai Culture has set up a corner for a traditional market to showcase the creativity of local artisans and productive families, emphasising their distinctiveness and dedication to local culture. It will feature a diverse array of products created by talented individuals, encouraging and enabling them to showcase their work to the public. These types of initiatives play a crucial role in bolstering the cultural and creative industries in Dubai.

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