May 26, 2024

Dubai: Speed limit on Al Ittihad Road starts from November 20

 Dubai: Speed limit on Al Ittihad Road starts from November 20

The Roads and Transport Authority and the Dubai Police General Headquarters announced the reduction of the legal speed limit on Al Ittihad Street in the section located between the Emirate of Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge from 100 km per hour to 80 km per hour, effective November 20, 2023.

The authority confirmed that the decision to reduce the speed limit came in coordination and consultation with the Dubai Police General Command, and based on a recent study that relied on the number of entrances, exits and close intersections in the aforementioned part of Al Ittihad Street, in addition to a study and the number of recurring traffic accidents, and the improvement and development measures that were completed. in the region during the recent period.

The authority indicated that the traffic signs that set the maximum legal speed in that part of Al Ittihad Street will be changed to 80 km/h instead of 100 km/h on Al Ittihad Street in the part located between the Emirate of Sharjah and Al Garhoud Bridge, and red lines will be added at the beginning of the speed reduction zone. To alert drivers according to the best standards and methods adopted in traffic safety.

The Authority has confirmed its role in organizing periodic and continuous reviews of speeds on vital roads in the Emirate of Dubai. In doing so, the Authority relies on the Speed ​​Management Guide in the Emirate of Dubai and in accordance with modern international best practices. The guide sets appropriate criteria and measures to achieve quality in the relationship between the best rates of speed, traffic flow, and the rate of traffic accidents.

The authority stressed the importance of coordination with the Dubai Police General Command to take joint preventive measures and procedures, especially related to changing the speed of radar devices, noting that reducing or raising speed depends on many factors and engineering standards, the most important of which is the design speed of the road, and the actual speed that most drivers adhere to. (percentile speed %) 85, in addition to the level of urban development on both sides of the road, pedestrian movement, and the presence of other vital facilities, taking into account the level of traffic accidents that occurred on the street and the volume of traffic.

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