May 27, 2024



My UAE My Flag

Flag Day was first celebrated in 2013.

The idea was conceived by  HE Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid , Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, to celebrate the accession of HE Sheikh Khalifa as President of the UAE in 2004.

It is commemorated every year on the anniversary, November 3. It is not a public holiday.

Sheikh Mohammed recently tweeted urging citizens, companies and ministries to mark the occasion.

“We call on our citizens, organisations, and ministries to hoist the flag simultaneously on November 3 at 11:00 am to express the unity of our home and our destiny,” he wrote.

Designer of the UAE Flag-

Abdullah Al Maainah, after entering a competition in Al Ittihad newspaper to design the flag in 1971, inspired by the poet, Safi-u-ddin Al Hali.

The young Emirati intended the four colours to represent Arab unity, as described in poetry written by Al Hali.

His submission beat more than 1,000 entries to be selected to represent the new nation.

Mr Al Maainah was 19 at the time, and later went on to become the minister of foreign affairs.

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