May 26, 2024

Manar Abu Dhabi

 Manar Abu Dhabi

His Highness Mohammad Khalifa Al-Mubarak, Head of the Department, Saud Saud Abdul Aziz Al-Hosni, Deputy of the Department, Rita Aoun, Executive Director of Culture Sector, Saad Saleh Mohammad Al-Jazeeri, Director General of Tourism of the Department, and Saadnan Muhammad Al-Awadi, Executive Director of Support Services Sector in the Department, opened the Public Exhibition of Light Art Installations “Manar Abu Dhabi” to the audience, which transforms The Emirate, through a collection of commissioned artworks and light displays, spread across many islands, forests of Crimea trees, landscapes and natural spaces, into a light platform.

The ‘Manar Abu Dhabi’ exhibition, which runs until January 30, 2024, is a key focus of the ‘Abu Dhabi Public Art’ initiative, featuring a collection of artworks by more than 20 local, regional and global artists.

Our Chairman, H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, our Undersecretary, H.E. Saood Abdulaziz A Hosani, our Executive Director of the Culture Sector, Rita Aoun, our Director General for Tourism, H.E. Saleh Mohamed Al Geziry, and our Executive Director of Support Services, H.E Adnan Al Awadhi, inaugurated new public light art exhibition Manar Abu Dhabi, which opened today with site-specific commissions, light sculptures, projections, and immersive artworks installed across key locations in the city including Corniche Road and Beach, the Eastern Mangroves, Fahid Island, Jubail Mangrove Park, Lulu Island, Saadiyat Island, and Al Samaliyah Island.

On display until 30 January 2024, the exhibition features over 20 local, regional and international artists, and is a key pillar of our Public Art Abu Dhabi initiative, which is committed to enhancing the city’s urban fabric through public art.

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