May 26, 2024

Second stage of the Abu Dhabi BajaChallenge to take place Sunday

 Second stage of the Abu Dhabi BajaChallenge to take place Sunday

The second stage of the Abu Dhabi BajaChallenge, organised by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) in cooperation with the Emirates Motorsports Organization (EMSO), will be held on 17 December, in the Liwa


The fledgling four-wheel and two-wheel racing series will take place across four rounds, with Rounds 1 and 2 hitting the stage this year in October and December, followed by two rounds at the start of 2024. The challenge will put competitors to the test both physically and mentally across the deserts of Abu Dhabi, allowing them to practice this extreme sport in a controlled environment.

The challenge is held under the umbrella of Abu Dhabi 360, the initiative that encourages all segments of society to make sport a part of daily life, with the participation of 62 cars, motorcycles, quads and buggies. An elite group of international contestants, particularly from the Gulf Cooperation Council bloc, will compete in the event.

The all-new community championship will be an exciting addition to the extensive history of motorsport in Abu Dhabi, within the Abu Dhabi Sport Council’s plans and endeavours to develop the capabilities and skills of athletes in various kinds of sports.

The challenge focuses on developing and refining talent, achieving the goal of providing a platform for various members of society and motorsport enthusiasts to participate within an environment that adhered to the highest safety standards.

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